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Sturdy and Beautiful Timber Windows.

We at Rafael Gabriel are specialists in designing and manufacturing authentic and prestigious timber windows at affordable prices. We aim to provide windows with high-security systems, great aesthetics, maximum durability, and energy efficiency. We offer a wide range of designs and woods that you can choose for your windows according to your budget.

Moreover, we also offer numerous options for paints, polishes, and colors of the window accessories. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of craftsmen and technical specialists which ensures that your windows are exactly as you visualize them to be. Installing stunning timber windows greatly enhance the beauty and value of your home.
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Artistic Timber Windows That Will Revamp Your Interior Design

Made as per the UK’s harsh, changing weather, our timber windows are perhaps the most bought in the UK. They are coated with multiple substances to ensure their longevity, from primers to undercoats and not one, not two, but three layers of paint!

Resistant to All Kinds of Harsh Weather!
Rafael Gabriel Home Decor & Interior Design’s windows are long-lasting. We use the highest quality material to ensure the quality of our products. Likewise, our timber windows are crafted by adept artisans from one of three top-notch types of wood!

They will easily serve you for atleast 30 years. With proper maintenance, this number is bound to go up!

Aesthetic Yet Functional Designs!
Timber designs are some of the most luxurious looking designs they are. Apart from looking breathtaking, they have high thermal resistance, helping reduce heat loss and providing warmer houses with lower energy bills.

Weather Resistant

Timber windows offer to be extraordinarily good in performance against the often-terrible weather of the UK. When deciding upon the most suitable material for your windows and doors, make sure you check on the sustainability of the material.

Timber has a high thermal resistance, therefore, it is used commonly in building projects. This property helps reduce heat loss and provides warmer homes with fewer energy bills. These timber windows provide excellent insulation with double glazed as well as triple glazed options. There are numerous colors and polishes available for these timber windows.

Moreover, these are environment-friendly which can be considered as a real plus point. The aesthetical and stylish look of these wooden windows adds beauty to your home as well as any other property that you want to renovate.

Strength and Durability

Along with a 30 years long life span and strength of the timber windows, they provide great design flexibility as well. Our wooden windows are made up of engineered timber which undergoes a proper treatment and a set of laboratory checks before being used. These processes ensure that timber retains its beauty and has rigidity along with moisture combating properties.

The windows are made by laminating multiple layers of wood together to create a stronger wood product. This ensures the strength and durability of the windows made with timber. The use of multiple layers, along with strengthening the product, allows maximum use of wood and minimum waste.

We ensure that there are no weak joints between glass and the wooden frame. This enables the windows to be fully protected along with the usage of modern manufacturing techniques.