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Steel framed Windows & Doors.

Are you waiting to replace your traditional windows and door systems? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We assure you that our steel windows and doors will add a rich architectural heritage look to your home. Our wide range of residential and commercial windows and balcony doors are already known as best in the UK.

These steel framed windows and doors are versatile and help you to add slim profile dimensions along with heritage style whether you decide to use them for rooms or as room dividers. We ensure the high security and durability of our steel windows and doors and also that you would not need to compromise on space or light.
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Sturdy Steel Windows - Built to Last

Steel windows provide your home decor with a classy attraction. The best part about them? They can go well with all interior design themes. No matter the colour combination, sleek silver windows will complement the overall ambience of the rooms!

You can customise the designs as you like. From timeless, traditional designs to modern, techy layouts, we can create steel windows in whatever style you wish!

Buy Them Once, and They Will Last You a Lifetime!
As they are built from one of the hardest, most durable alloys on the planet, steel windows are as durable as it gets! They will easily go undamaged through all the challenges mother nature throws at them!

Lightweight, Sleek Frames and Thermal Resistance
Our steel windows are ideal for all weathers. Whether the outside is 40 degrees or snowfall, steel windows will remain unaffected like a mountain! Additionally, they are appealing and charming as well due to their sleek frames!

Secure and Durable Windows

We have a history of providing excellent services in terms of security and designs in cutting edge designs and also in replacing the old traditional windows to modern, edgy and classy steel framed windows. Steel windows and doors offer great design flexibility and are unsurpassed in strength.

This strength and security are ensured with the help of locking handles and peg stay clamps. The multi-framed steel window design makes the entry difficult by smashing the glass. These secure windows are hot-dipped with a Dura-life polyester powder coating. This provides lifetime durability of the windows as well as the doors.

These windows and doors require minimal maintenance and are available in single as well as double-glazed glass. Like all modern style windows, these steel windows are also thermally efficient and meet the latest building requirements.

Aesthetically Appealing

The ability to let the maximum sunlight flood in the homes and workplaces make these windows a material of choice. The eco-friendly and durable steel windows also provide an aesthetically attractive appearance of the rooms and balconies and ensure that these are perfect for owners who have the urge for outstanding external views.

Steel framed windows have been around for 160 years and their stunning aesthetics and sightlines cannot be denied especially in refurbishment and heritage projects. The pencil-till lines of steel framed windows are renowned for external view and an immense amount of light delivering in.

Even if you have a low budget for replacement of your old and worn-out windows, don't worry a cheap alternative to steel windows is also available, which virtually offers the same look as real steel windows.