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Traditional Sash


Traditional sash windows are the heart of what we do in here at Rafael Gabriel. We are specialized in traditional sash windows and offer careful installation along with the manufacturing of these windows. Sash windows enable you to preserve the traditional look of your home along with providing numerous advantages like noise and pollution reduction, less utility bills, enhanced security, variation in layouts and much more.

We aim to provide you the products that are exactly according to your vision. We have a good and a matured reputation in providing our customers with high-quality, cost-effective and energy-efficient products. Request a free quote and let us do the rest.
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Variety of Layouts

To meet the needs of your traditional new built, our sliding sash timber windows are the perfect windows you are looking for. These windows are designed for long life and require minimal maintenance but provide the highest level of performance.

We have a variety of window layouts that can be chosen by our clients according to their desire. These layouts include square bay, angled bay, arch-top, internal arch and many more, but all provide high levels of customization and perfection.

We also have a variety of options for paints, stain, glaze and sash horns to choose from. These windows provide a simple, elegant and stylish finish to your property. If you are planning to replace your windows, this can be ideal for you as these windows are made while keeping in mind your desired look.

Timeless Looks

All traditional sash windows have numerous designs that have been known for hundreds of years. The ancient look of these windows has not been aged but there have been a lot of upgrading in terms of energy efficiency, durability, maximum security, noise reduction and much more.

Whether you choose to pick a design with horns or without horns, you should be assured that you’ll get a window that will provide a heritage architectural look. These windows prove to be simple and easy to install as well as easy to use. These windows are available in single and double glazed options according to the desire of the customer.

The double glaze has improved the performance of the traditional sash windows. Whether you are looking for a modern and classy look or a traditional look, you can go for sash windows for either way.