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Install High-End Blinds & Secure Shutters

Are you looking to buy aesthetic blinds that are as reliable and long-lasting as they are pretty? Or do you require a safer option that is sleek and glamorous, say a shutter? Well, you are in luck as Rafael Gabriel Home Decor & Interior Design are adept at producing spotless blinds and shutters!

Whether you require classy add-ons with a luxurious vibe or a rustic, minimalist design that gives your interior a calming feel, we are your go-to guys! With years of expertise in this domain, we ensure to help you deduce the ideal design. The best part? All of our long-lasting products come at market competitive price tags!

Custom Made Blinds in Several Unique Designs

Window blinds are perhaps the most under-appreciated piece of interior decor there is. From shielding your rooms from the burning sun to protecting your windows from the toys thrown by your kids, blinds really do it all.

Here at Rafael Gabriel Home Decor & Interior Design, we have a team of skilled artisans who are adept at creating versatile blinds with a luxurious finish. If you want to revamp your interior decor, wooden blinds are your best friend!

The best part about Rafael Gabriel Home Decor & Interior Design? We don’t install pre-made blinds in your home. Instead, we make bespoke blinds, as per your requirements, that exactly fit the parameters! Our team makes sure that the design you opt for flawlessly aligns with your home decor.

Premium Honeycomb & Albaro Blinds

Are you looking for a stylish alternative in the shape of a window blind? In that case, Rafael Gabriel Home Decor & Interior Design’s exclusive Honeycomb Blinds are just for you! They are crafted from special, high-end wood that is resistant to harsh conditions. On top of that, the honeycomb finish, the glamour it adds to your decor, is to die for!

Alternatively, if you are on the quest to find a classy yet sturdy design, Albaro blinds are ideal for you. There are made from spotless faux wood covered with a synthetic polyvinyl resin that makes them resistant to any challenge!

All in all, Rafael Gabriel Home Decor & Interior Design is the perfect place for finding well-crafted, contemporary blinds in bespoke designs!

Bespoke Full-Height Shutters

Shutters have become more of a necessity rather than straight-up prestige. They provide you with excellent safety on top of the sleek, modern look they are known for. We craft our shutters exactly as you want them at Rafael Gabriel Home Decor & Interior Design.

From the designs to the size, our experienced team ensures that the shutters we create are perfect; not even a millimetre’s error reaches you. Shutters are a level up than your regular windows. They make your home decor eclectic, adding your personal touch.

Rafael Gabriel Home Decor & Interior Design specialises in making bespoke premium full-height shutters. All you need to do is have a vision, contact Rafael Gabriel Home Decor & Interior Design, and we will handle the rest!

Reliable Shutters for All Aspects of Your Home

If something were missing from your interior design that would account for all the negative aspects, it would be none other than a shutter. They are the most versatile piece of interior design equipment one can add.

Here at Rafael Gabriel Home Decor & Interior Design, our arsenal is filled to the brim with unique shutter models featuring a wide variety. You can even get custom-made shutters that will be made to order, ensuring that the fitting is flawless!

They are perfect for covering large spaces, from your windows to your wardrobe. Experts say that you need a shutter if there is any window or a conservatory in your rooms. It would do the job of your regular window and blinds, but with added safety, feasibility, and prestige.